“Bugingo is a false pastor taking advantage of ignorant followers”- Pastor Ssenyonga attacks

Pastor Jackson Senyonga - Pastor Aloysious Bugingo

The head of Christian Life Church, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, out on a national television and blamed/ launched a battle on House of prayer ministries preacher, pastor Aloysius Bugingo over his broken marriage.

Pastor Ssenyonga claims that Pastor Bugingo is just a ‘false prophet’ who long went off track and is doing his own thing under the banner of the church to fulfill his personal desires and he needs to repent.

Ssenyonga gave out some examples of false prophets and this included some of the actions Bugingo carried out in the past one year which include burning of Holy Bibles with claims that they are false, removing his wedding ring with claims that it is just a meaningless metal

“Firstly he burnt the Bible, something that should never be done by any professing Christian, Mr. Bugingo played on his followers’ minds and misled them into cheering him, as he burnt the Word of God, and and that is simply undefendable” pastor Ssenyonga said.

Them Mr. Bugingo made people throw away their wedding rings, just because he had trouble in his marriage. He came up with a scheme to discredit the ‘wedding ring’, jut to justify why he had thrown away his own ring, which was a very selfish thing to do because his marital problems were not anyone else’s marital problems,” he added.

“The third is this latest act of coming up with a dishonest scheme to leave his wife just because he feels tired of her and wants to officially settle with his new ‘mistress.’ Here he has even tried to teach his followers and the whole nation that it is okay for a man to divorce his wife for whatever reason and marry a new one they fancy. This is clearly against Bible teaching which outlaws a man leaving their wife except if they have committed adultery. A true man of God can’t teach people that the way to solve their marital differences is divorcing and marrying afresh.” Ssenyonga concluded.

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