Bobi Wine exposed for bribing SMACK to admit his son Solomon Kampala

Bobi Wine - Barbie Kyagulanyi - Solomon Kampala

There is a pending controversy surrounding the admission of politician turned singer MP Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala after a social media in-law coming up to pin the singer’s son of bribing the management of St. Mary’s College, Kisubi for a vacancy.

Over the weekend, the Ghetto Republic First family happened to appear at SMACK for their son, Solomon Kampala’s Visitation Day a moment that salvaged on the entire social media platforms.

However, as we try to ascertain whether its the truth or hate speech, a social media Twitter user immediately has come out to react to the pic speaking volumes about Bobi and Barbie’s visit to their son at SMACK by pinning Bobi Wine and Kampala for corrupting the school administration to secure a vacancy at the vicinity.

The concerned social media in-law claims his nephew was denied a vacancy at SMACK after scoring 7 aggregates in the Primary Leaving Examinations and was surprised to see that Kampala however making the cut at 12 aggregates after bribing the corrupt administration of SMACK.

Therefore, from his own perspective Bobi Wine isn’t fit to be a leader after all he and his family are infiltrated with corrupt tendencies that portray a bad example to the country.