Bebe Cool brags about his 2019 achievements: new house, new car, new tress (Photos)

Bebe Cool House

2019 has surely been a great year for singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool as he has so much on his shoulder to brag about with some of them being his brand new Landcruiser car, having finally finished and entered his car and opening up a cake garage for his wife Zuena Kirema.

Having paraded off her new car a few days ago, Bebe Cool has now also went ahead and bragged about his power of hardwork as he paraded off his achievements.

“Having built a nice house,i felt its compound needed to have the best flowers,so i hired a florist to do the work. But after some time i felt there was need of some more special flowers and trees to make my compound look even better.

Recently i planted a special black rose flower but never thought it could be an issue to many people but anyway as you know my passion for flowers and trees,am on a mission to plant 2 more flowers and 3 trees.

I wonder what the trees would coz if only a flower could shake the social media advisers.
Anyway hard work pays,let’s keep working hard as advisers keep advising.
Thank you president m7
Thank you Allah.” He posted on his social media.

Check out the photos below:

Bebe Cool House