Aziz Azion’s Wife Speaks Out About Leaking N#de Pics

Aziz Azion's baby mama Deyby Wadsen
Aziz Azion's baby mama Deyby Wadsen

Following the leakage of Facebook comedienne, Martha Jay’s n#de pics allegedly by her boyfriend, a lot of public concern is still arising in a way of criticising the suspects the latest being singer and guitarist Aziz Azion’s baby mama Deyby Wadsen.

According to the ‘Oxygen’ singer’s Nnalongo, she asserts that men leaking their nudes to the public domain is just a simple way of making them stronger to motivate themselves during the trying moments as strong and brave human beings.

It must be noted that the socialite and beauty queen had to rush to Kira police station with her nude pics as evidence to record statement about her insensitive boyfriend, Barnet for leaking her nude pics and then after pleaded for forgiveness from her friends and family.

“We need to gather all ugandan men and teach them that exposing our nakedness make us stronger instead..#womanforwoman..
Nothing can break a woman …” Said Deyby Wadsen through her social media Facebook platform.