Yiya Mozey

Yiya Mozey


Yiya Mozey Biography

Yiya mozey is one of the best music artist in east Africa and was born in 1986, Masaka District, ,Kitovu hospital. On top of that, he came with another hit single called "Tebakulimba" which also stayed for years until date. There after couped up with another artist, on which the dual was called "Back 2 Life". Later they got dis integrated and till now Yiya Mozey is still releasing singles and albums as well.  Well established Ugandan artist with performing arts and live band based in Kampala. Yiya Mozey started back in 2005 with a single called.."Endongo" that made the crowds in Kampala and all over Uganda to bounce up and down.


Artist Songs

Yiya Mozey

Killing Me Softly-Yiya Mozey

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