Martha Kay ‘Nyudizi’ Being Released In Series (More Pics)

Martha Kay leaked pics

As internet comedian Martha Kay, also known as Range Rover girl rushed to deactivate her Twitter account after the leakage of her n*de pics, the one who responsible for leaking them has decided to release one by one.

As the internet was still feasting on the first batch that showed her seated on a bath tub with legs spread wide, another one has also been leaked out this time around showing her smiling and facing the mirror.

Even though no one seems to know the source of these photos, they seem to be flowing in one by one and it looks like in a few hours the full album will be out to the public.

Reports also came in that Martha’s phone, an infinix make, was stolen and it is said that it might be the thief releasing the photos to the public.

Check out the latest photo below:

Martha Kay leaked pics

Ykee Benda’s rumored girlfriend and comedian Martha Kay leaks N*de pics