Anna Talia’s “Women 4 Her” Gives Back to Women on ‘World Menstrual Day’

Anna Talia Oze Women 4 Her

Media personality Anna Talia Oze started up an organization called “Women 4 Her” to help support and elevate lives of women in the country and over the previous months it has been conducting alot of charity allover the country.

As the rest of the world was celebrating the World Menstrual Day, Anna and her team were busy equipping women and girls in rural areas with skills and recyclable sanitary towels to be used when they hit the red moon.

She has also come out on her social media and shared her experience and why she does what she does;

Annatalia Oze with one of the sanitary towels

Today I write in line with the World Menstrual Day, I have been on ground and can confirm that period stigma still prevails. The shame and embarrassment around menstruation continues to undermine the confidence of women and girls in a gross variety of ways depending on the social context.

From bullying by classmates and ridicule by family members to isolation in windowless mud huts and unhygienic supplies in humanitarian disasters zones.

This in turn undermines their confidence in being in public on their periods, speaking up and claiming their basic rights. All too often girls will drop out of school while on their periods and those out of school are then more likely to be married young or fall pregnant, thus perpetuating a cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

Women 4 Her charity

“To solve the problem once and for all, we need to take a moment to consider the magnitude of the problem; provide access to products wherever possible; and address the extensive gender inequality that is the root cause of it.

We must not allow women and girls to be identified primarily by their bodily functions and thus made to feel deficient or inferior. Instead we must help them gain the confidence to say #MyBody and not let their periods hold them back.” she posted on her social media.