Angry mob hit Magistrate with a bottle while sentencing Stella Nyanzi (Video)

Buganda Road Grade One magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu has faced it rough on Friday 2nd August after being hit with a bottle in the court room.

This follows the sentencing of former Makerere University researcher, Doctor Stella Nyanzi to an 8months sentence after pleading guilty for cyber harassment.

Forget about stripping while in the dock and turning vulgar, the highly filled up court has turned unruly when an unknown person decided to hit magistrate Kamasanyu with a bottle in her forehead immediately after reading out her decision not to acquit the controversial Nnalongo.

But one would wonder why in a civilised society an individual could insult a learned friend like a magistrate in such a manner.

Check out the video below:

VIDEO: Dr Stella Nyanzi undresses in court after being sentenced to 8months in prison