“Am very disappointed with you”- Frank Gashumba pens down letter to Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo on his wedding day with Teddy

Earlier today, Blizz Uganda published a story about how House of Prayer Ministries proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo was confessing the number of times he slept with his wife in all the 29yars they were together and now even Frank Gashumba has come out and commented about it.

Bugingo apparently in a viral video said that he slept with his wife less than 100times in the 29years of his marriage with Teddy Naluswa to his followers in church saying that she got sick with Fistula and he never slept with her for over 10years.

Below is the letter from Frank Gashumba:

Frank Gashumba

Am very disappointed with you “PASTOR” BUJINGO.

How can you humiliate and degrade your wife and the mother of your children, the foundation of your wealth to this extent? All because of some “younger” fresh thing that messing with you mind!
You have really disappointed those of us who share routes with you from Masaka.

Surprisingly, Bujingo’s followers are clapping with excitement as he demeans a fellow woman. And you Susan Nantaba better be ready for this similar treatment, because if this man is capable of doing this to someone he’s spent almost 20 years of his life with, that should show you the kind of man he is! He is disrespectful, has no morals and no class! Today its Teddy Bujingo, tomorrow, he will be doing the same to you.

And I am sure “Pastor” Bujjingo didn’t even put his own daughters into consideration before he went on this rampage of humiliating their mother! Don’t you think that this public linen laying you are doing affects your daughters; married or not!

And I have heard you claim you as a man of God have healing powers. So why is it that you failed to heal your wife all those years that she was unwell?

I would think that the women’s rights organisations in Uganda should come out and condemn this act of disrespect to their fellow woman!” He posted on his social media.


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