“Am going to dig up my late daughter’s body”- Tamale Mirundi announces

Tamale Mirundi daughter dead

The former Media Advisor to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Tamale Mirundi has vowed to exhume the body of His late daughter Maureen (RIP) to prove that it is still in the ground and not exhumed by the naughty government.

According to Maverick Self Proclaimed “Musevenist ” , Mafias in NRM Government have got a tendency of Stealing & Selling Body Parts of Patients in Ugandan Hospitals, therefore this has tempted Him to Confirm whether the Daughter was not Transacted.

Mirundi also said this During a press interview at one of Local FM Radio Stations in Kampala Today.

Tamale Mirundi’s daughter died a few weeka ago at Mengo Hospital when she was giving birth and even though he pretended to stay a strong man, this might have broken him so down to an extent of coming up with such a statement.

Tamale Mirundi’s daughter dead after a disastrous birth at Mengo Hospital