Hate me if you want! I don’t need you- Kenzo Angrily tells fans

Posted on Oct 15, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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No words can calm Eddy Kenzo now. The Celebrated musician is now cursing fans, telling them to hate him if they want because he doesn’t need them.

Eddy Kenzo said all this on Tuesday via his social media profile reacting to fans comments where they were abusing him for his prolonged war on Muzaata which they reckon to unnecessary.

“This is my page, I post what I want” Eddy Kenzo said before telling his fans that they have a right to hate them since he doesn’t need them also. 

“Eno page yange nzikirizibwa okutekako buli kyenjagala oba mbatamye munveko nange sibetaga” Kenzo’s Luganda post said.

Eddy Kenzo has been a bitter war with Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata ever since the latter addressed to him a ‘Love Nigga Ssemyekozo who should marry his mother” words that made Kenzo furious. 

While still in Latin America where he held a concert in Colombia, he has promised a live session at 4 PM Today.

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