"Am ready to die and follow my mom, No one loves me anymore"- Eddy Kenzo broken beyond repair

Posted on Oct 14, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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East African multi award winning artiste Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo has spoken about the ongoing concerns from his close friends and family about the current situation he is enduring thereby advising them to let him be and die in his own movie.

It seems the Big Talent Music Group CEO is still suffering from the mental condition of paranoia originating from the defaming statements made by the Kibuli Muslim Sect PRO Sheik Nuhu Muzaata Batte who pinned the 'Bibaawo' singer of turning into gay given the fact that he could dump his marriage with ex baby mama Rema Namakula for more than two years thereby wondering why he couldn't marry his mother for the very first time.

The too much grief and state of hopelessness is evident in Eddy Kenzo's recent social media post on Facebook where he has shown how capable he to come back home and take on his tormentor in a fist fight so as to cool down.

With a lot of pain from the bottom of his heart, Eddy Kenzo has decided to mute further phone calls and advises from friends and and family in regards to the current situation he is living thereby advising the later including Facebook in-laws to take heart and let him fight his battle up to death.

"Nkimanyi Uganda yona eri disappointed olwa reaction yange ku muzata era my life might not be the same again but its okay obakufa kanfe.

I have received alot of calls good massages from family friends and my big fans and eddy kenzo diehards, telling me not to write on social media again, i do agree 100% with you what I'm doing is wrong but I'm ready to die.I will be happy to follow my mother in peace Muzata tayinza kungamba ngende mpase maama wange ate natakoma okwo nagamba ensonga lwaki nyina pin mumatu ndya ebisiyaga era thats what I'm doing in America I saw this clip with my eyes on Salam TV.

Oba ensi yona enkyaye I understand but no body knows what I feel muzata got nothing to lose because ye wakitalo nyo yasoma edini namala. But me I have alot to lose elinya lyenzimbidde emyaka nsula sebase nonyeza family yange future nungi because we have a bad history. But at this moment I don't care. oba byona bigwawo kabigwewo muzata ayina okumbulira oba omuntu ayinza okuwasa maamawe, to all my friends don't call me again I don't need anybody's advice for now oba nfa kanfe its ok. Muzata I'm coming back oli wamanyi me I'm nothing oyina abagomerizi banji that I know but I'm ready to die. 

At this moment," Lamented singer Eddy Kenzo.

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