Canary Mugume Crucified for Claiming Kaazi Resort Beach Has Thugs Working with Police

Posted on Sep 27, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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NBS TV senior journalist Canary Mugume has opened up an online battle with Kaazi Beach Resort management after claiming that they have thugs with rob from people and work closely with Busaabala Police.

Through his social media accounts on Monday 26th September 2022, Canary Mugume went to his Twitter and revealed how there is a group of organised thuggery at Kaazi Beach Resort that targets people’s parked cars and steal bags and other valuables.

He revealed that the thugs, who also work as security guards, are known by the management and are protected by Busabala police.

"There’s a beach off Entebbe road called Kaazi beach resort. Place is full of thugs who have car master keys and remotes. They open people’s cars and run away with laptops, plus any other property they find. They seem to be working with Busabala Police, sadly.

They robbed my friends over the weekend, and Police was on their side. I thought it was a rare incident but a friend who listened to the story said that she had been robbed about a year ago. Same tactics.

These thugs also work as private security guards, others are part of management. Case was reported to police and a file opened but it took involvement of senior offices who first threatened to arrest the officer in charge.

 bags that were containing laptops were dropped in Munyonyo the next day, of course with the laptops missing. They were discovered by the LC1 chairman of the area. Investigations are ongoing but if not concluded, I’ll release recordings of management of the place, and the OC!"- he tweeted.

In retaliation, the management of Kaazi Beach trashed Mugume’s allegations regarding them “false, malicious, scandalous and defamatory.”

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