Did Sheik Muzaata really apologize to Eddy Kenzo? Truth here

Posted on Oct 11, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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Barely 24 hours after Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata advised Eddy Kenzo to marry his mother and called him ‘Love Nigga Ssemyekozo’, an alleged apology of Nuhu Muzaata appeared online circulating on various social media platforms most especially Facebook.

Many people took to be the apology from the renowned Sheikh our team has decided to dig deep and find out if the Bad Ass Sheik really apologized or it’s just another hoax post. 

Besides the English grammar in the post that appears to be too good for Muzaata, we managed to find out that the post first appeared on a Facebook page with page name Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte PRO Kibuli Muslim Sect on Thursday evening where it later circulated on social media.

We have however established that the page “Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte PRO Kibuli Muslim Sect” is not the authentic page of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata but rather a fake/parody page that was created by people who have their objectives.

The page was opened in 2015 shortly after Muzaata made remarks criticizing Katikiro’s etoffali Project and it was one of the many fake pages and accounts that were opened in his names during that saga. The page was later used to post random posts and later used as people power propaganda before it turned to be a page for dissing Eddy Kenzo ever since his relationship with Rema Namakula soured.

It’s therefore clear that the apology was authored by the admin of that parody account; it’s fake, not authentic, an internet hoax and has nothing to do with Sheikh Muzaata.

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