VIDEO: Anne Kansiime Opens Up About the Several Abortions She Carried Out at Campus, the Curse

Posted on August 16, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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African Queen of Comedy, Anne Kansiime's minds can't let go of the big curse that had been inflicted onto her womb by God given the so many times she aborted while still at campus, she has opened up and narrated her story.

Kansiime has made the revelation while sharing her pregnancy journey with a YouTube channel dubbed 'Bump Love' that mainly gifts chance to women to share their lifetime experiences.

In the many experiences that the CEO Kabale Back Packers has shared, is the issue concerning the way she misbehaved with her womb while at campus through abortion to the except of failing to have a baby for his ex lover Ojok apart from endless miscarriages.

Having been scared of hitting her menopause without a child, Kansiime embarked on praying and repenting to God as well as seeking for forgiveness through prayer from the so many men that she had disappointed by aborting their children while at campus.

God having answered her prayers, Kansiime was compelled to keep her pregnancy concealed not until she gave birth to bouncing baby boy.

"Though being a mother saved my life, I can't forget the big curse that my womb carried before pregnancy given the so many times I aborted while still at Campus. I even reached to the extent of saying a prayer for forgiveness from every man that I had disappointed while at Campus," Anne Kansiime opened up.

Kansiime currently mothers a one year and a half son with lover Skylanta in their forever young relationship.

Watch the interview below;