"Sheikh Muzaata is Just a Useless A$S Hole"- Patrick Salvador Stings

Posted on Oct 10, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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In defence to the criticism and abuses that were showered on his fellow brother by the outspoken Muslim cleric for playing around Rema Namakula's feelings, stand up comedian Patrick Idringi Salvador brave as he is has also come out to prove critics that Sheik Muzaata is a real 'As$hole' who can't think before he acts.

During songbird Rema Namakula's Kukyala' ceremony last Wednesday when she went on to host her new boyfriend Doctor Hamza Sebunya in her parents home located at Naguru, Kampala,Sheik Muzaata was spot on as he went on to attack The Big Talent Music Group CEO defining him as a 'Love niga Semyekozo' who is capable of even marrying his mother given the way he is playing around with women's feelings.

Being pissed up by the disrespect by the Muslim cleric, Salvador quickly had to hit Kenzo's Facebook inbox to cool him down by advising him not to take a mad man's words home like Sheik Muzaata since he is a real 'A$shole'.

"What an A$s this Muzata man is, this is totally unacceptable...take heart my brother Kenzo...you are favoured by God..this too shall pass," stated Patrick Idringi Salvador.

We waiting for Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata is response to Salvador hopefully he won't also swallow his own saliva given the previous revelations when MC Mariachi had to make an apology to the later for attacking him.


"If Love Niga Kenzo wants a perfect woman, let him go and marry his mother"- Sheikh Muzaata goes bitter

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