"Jesus" Arrested In Luweero, Say's He's the Real Son of "God"

Posted on Oct 08, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Police in Kikaabya Village, Bamunanika Sub-County Luweero District has arrested a man who claims to be the ‘real son of God’ after he appeared extremely suspicious called Solom Ssemakula.

Solomon Ssemakula, also known as Elosam Emmanuel Prince claims that he was not born by man but by the spirit and he has a big cult he leads to take them to the Holy Spirit as he claims. He was arrested after a section of residents reported him for looking very suspicious.

According to residents, Jesus was always clad in a blue outfit from head to toe, painted his house blue and everything inside his house was blue, on top of him continuously referring to himself as the only true son of God.The officer in charge for Wobulenzi Police Station Gideon Byomuhangi said that the police swung in action on the invitation of residents

“When we went there we found that the man puts on blue things only, has a blue carpet, the toilet is blue and everything. We asked why and he said he puts on blue because the sky is blue. He told us that he a true son of God called Jesus Christ and he was born by the spirit, not man,” Byomuhangi said.

According to Police in Luweero, ‘Jesus’ will be charged in court according to the penal code.

This is not the first time ‘Jesus’ is being arrested for who he is. In June 2016, ‘Jesus’ was arrested at Togo village and detained at Kiwoko police station in Luwero after he was found preaching and recruiting several people to prepare for the second coming of ‘his father in heaven.’

Watch the Video below:

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