Fik Fameica Speaks Out About Leaked Video of Him Chewing a Slay Queen Bo0b Live On Camera

Posted on Jul 08, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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Rapper Fik Fameica has finally opened up and spoken about his leaked bedroom video showing him enjoying a brown slay queen's nini, he has told the truth and left everyone shocked.

Talking to the media during a press conference held in Muyenga, Fik made it clear that whatever was being done in that video clip is not illegal.

He held a press conference to announce a live concert at Hotel Africana this year.

"Touching a girl's breast is not such a bad or illegal thing, I am even doing it now look at me.. But it wasn't me, i am stll too young to do such things but i have a woman i am dating"- Fameica cleared the air.

Watch Video of him speaking about it below, full video:

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