Shocking List Of All Men Fille Mutoni Has Slept With

Posted on Oct 06, 2019
By Editor
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If we are to focus on the eye catching stories in the local entertainment industry moving revelers like storm, singer Fille Mutoni and ex-boyfriend MC Kats rivalry since separation take a lion’s share given the controversial ways the lover birds are handling their separation.

From the celebrated events emcee weeping to have been let down by his girlfriend yet he gave in his whole to make her, to Fille affirming that she was something before the NBS After 5 show host came into her life, it’s now turning into an amazing foretale of the confused couple.

Fille has also issued out an alert of two mega music projects that she will be dropping in a bit mention ‘X’ where she hits hard at MC Kats for her current woes highlighting why she decided to separate with the father of her baby because he couldn’t walk her down the aisle in addition to a lot of failed promises.

We have however dug deep in the love life of the controversial couple to come up with a list of men that have for the past days allegedly been feasting on Fille’s Kandahar without Kats know how.

Below is a List of all Men Alleged to have slept with Fille Before:

1. Exodus. The gospel musician really needs spiritual healing and seeking for God’s mercy having stolen Kats’ goodies without permission.

2. Weasel Manizo. MC Kats almost ran to the civil court though he hadn’t married Fille officially having learnt that a real beast in Goodlyfe’s Weasel Manizo was secretly irrigating his girlfriend’s juicy city illegally constantly meeting in 5 star hotels within Kampala city.

3. Akram Shirtless. We have ascertained that Fille was seduced by Akram into the act the fact being that he is a common vixen that usually lights her Music videos popularly known in ‘Cherry boo’ and ‘He got no money’

4. Nutty Neithan. He is another dangerous Lion in the den that will entice your mistress to bed most especially if she scoops a music collabo with him. These two became an equal set when recording a collabo titled, “what did you do” Fille being forced to give in her whole something that almost sparked off a bitter war with Nutty Naithan’s baby mama, Empress.

5. AK47. God forbid that he is no more but the late dance hall radical used to be another greedy hyena in the wilderness. It is alleged that AK and Fille’s affair had kicked off right away from school where he used to furnish her Kandahar accordingly and there is a time when Mc Kats exchanged brawls with AK47 at Casablanca bar in Kololo after he was tipped by friends that the two were rekindling romance affectionately.

6. MC Kats. This was not only her lover but the man she spent most of her time with, their relationship was one of the longest we’ve had when it comes to celebrity couples dating in this country. They event have a daughter together called Abi.

We shall keep you posted.

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