"King Saha supports NRM but he's friends with Bobi Wine because they both smoke"- Bebe Cool exposes

Posted on May 13, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has exposed bitter secrets of his nemesis King Saha and why the two keep fighting all the time, he says Saha supports NRM with his life but keeps going back to Bobi Wine because they both smoke weed.

Bebe Cool was talking about his support for Cinderella Ssanyu aka Cindy as the next President for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and why King Saha should never be voted.

He said that King Saha is 50 times worse than Cindy since he doesnt know anything about the music industry and that things will go completely crazy.

"We all know that King Saha supports NRM, he even sang in Tubonganawe but things changed so quickly that he had to run back to Bobi Wine his close friend because of drugs.

Maurice Kirya was my first choice since he understands the industry so much, he has travelled and knows exactly what we all need"- Bebe Cool said.

Watch the full interview below:

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