Unmasking the True Identity of the 'Old Pervert' who Sexually Assaulted Kikiri Commander Sheebah Karungi

Posted on May 10, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Following a lot of outcry from our followers, Blizz Uganda has decided to unmask the so called 'old pervert' who sexually assaulted the 'Kikiri commander' Sheebah Karungi.

Its no doubt that Queen Sheeba is currently trending on social media after her public confession through a video statement that she had been sexually assaulted over the weekend.

The diva said while performing at gig over the weekend, a one so called Real role model that pretend on TV 'to be good' and 'do good' ambushed her car, opened it up with the help of his security and started bad touching, fingering her animal as he forced her into bedroom issues.

"I had a show, I was performing for somebody, 'one of those people' you 'respect and call real role models'...This old pervert was trying to be funny with me, in my car. He just opened it with his security. They found me asleep as I was about to go to stage...This 'motherf***k is trying to be inappropriate infront of my team members, no shame, no remorse, nothing," Sheebah partly narrated through a social media video post.

However, putting the matter into context, reports are pointing at two respected personalities in the country who seem to make up the 'old pervert' Sheebah is accusing of fingering her.

First and foremost, its alleged that the former Vice President, Professor Gilbert Balibasseka Bukenya is the prime suspect of sexually assaulting Sheebah.

Basing on Sheebah's confession as per her social media video post, she talks about an 'old pervert' who messed up with her body without her will. This straight away senses out the possibility of the 'old pervert' being talked about being Professor Gilbert Bukenya, a renowned VIP and 'ladies man' most especially celebrities.

Professor Bukenya hired Sheebah for a VIP performance during his birthday celebrations over the weekend and in the trending social media video, he is had praising Sheebah's endowed beauty and "cemented banana Plantation."

The other suspect in the queue who is reported to have sexually assaulted Sheebah is none other than journalist Andrew Mwenda.

According to blogger Sarajoy Bakanansa, Andrew Mwenda who too had a private function over the weekend tried to sexually assault Sheebah with the help of his SFC guards and despite running for her dear life, Sheebah was allegedly forced to perform on 'gun point.'

Despite all the narratives, we are yet to get bitter truth from the horse's mouth as 'Sheebah Karungi' finally reveals the shameless male that sexually assaulted her over the weekend.

"The debate is now over to you!"

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