“Geosteady dumped me when i was 7months pregnant”- side dish Nabweteme confesses

Posted on Oct 06, 2019
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Singer George William Kigozi aka Geosteady, the CEO of Blackman Records is currently in hit soup after a woman identified as Nabweteme coming out to confess that he impregnated her a few years ago and neglected her at 7 months of pregnancy.

Nabweteme appeared on live television and accused Geosteady of child neglect as the two have a child together, a son she insists belongs to Geosteady.

Even though now Geosteady is staying with his expectant wife Prima Kardashi,  Nabweteme alleges that whenever she tries to reach Geosteady on phone, he does not pick up her calls.

She also explained that at one time she tried to use her sister’s WhatsApp to send Geosteady the photos of their son, she was instead blocked for life. Nabweteme then went on and called upon the Minister for Youth Ms. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to come to her rescue because the situation is alarming.

“Geosteady dumped me when i was 7months pregnant, he blocks every number i use to send him his son’s pics, i wash clothes to get milk for his son. Every time i call him to help me with some money even when our son is sick, he doesn’t send any money. All i want is  a goodlife like his other wife Prima,” Nabweteme confessed.

However, Geosteady has not yet come out to give a clear statement of what exactly happened or he really knows this lady.

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