"Apart from changing men every night, Nwagi is a drug addict"- Maid spits bitter secrets

Posted on Oct 02, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ever since Winnie Nwagi brutally beat up her maid known as Scovia, alot of drama has been going around and now she has spit new secrets.

According to this maid, during an Interview with one of the local TV stations, Scovia revealed how Winnie Nwagi brutally beat her up because of a simple water bottle she had taken with her while going to the hospital for check up.

"That woman beat me up badly, she has been beating up different people starting fromt he Askari, her exboyfriend and even many other people but she is now going to stop on me.

Nwagi changed men every night, today she comes in with Chosen Blood tomorrow she comes in with another man for b0nking. She also uses drugs that's why she ends up beating people and bragging"- the maid revealed.

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