"They First Chewed My Sumbie When I Was in Senior Six"- Karole Kasita Confesses

Posted on Dec 02, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ugandan singer and songwriter Karole Kasita has let the cat out of the bag by opening up how she lost her virginity during her Senior six vacation. Kasita says she started eating stuff when she got big enough for smart wires.

This was the sensitive message to the youth from The 'Mberamu' singer last Wednesday while the world was commemorating the World Aids Day.

While being hosted on Galaxy FM's hot seat, apart from cuddling with her boyfriend during highschool, Kasita revealed how there was no way she could give him room to torment her sumbie not until her vacation when she felt she was big enough to get initiated to smart wires.

The singer has henceforth advised fellow women and girls out their to be patient with men and stop being materialistic for the good of their living.

"My boyfriend never ate stuff with me while we were in highschool not until when I was big enough to eat stuff with him. My goat left the pole in my senior six vacation, despite having a boyfriend all this time, he could only advise me and stop on cuddling me. I'm advising girls, you can have a boyfriend who can provide u with everything minus taking you to bed."- Karole Kasita.

Watch the video below:

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