Bishop Kiganda and Wife Recieve Miracle, They Give Birth After 8 Years of Waiting

Posted on Sep 10, 2021
By Musaasizi Cornelius
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Influential Church leader and Founder of Christianity Focus Centre Church, Mengo Kisenyi in Kampala, has opened up for the first time about a new addition to his family after his wife giving birth finally.

The senior Pastor Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda, stated that his wife Pastor Cindy Kiganda gave birth to twins after 8 years in marriage unfortunately, one of the babies passed away.

While on on a Local TV Sanyuka(Uncut program) Bishop Kiganda stated that the other twin, Miracle Nakato Kiganda, lives, and is in great health.

"My wife [Cindy Kiganda] was unable to conceive for the 8 years we have spent in marriage. During her ministration, she was often mocked even when she was on the pulpit preaching some questioned people could ask her why isn't she giving birth and yet enjoying my money, This brought her to discomfort and she ended up asking me what she could do, all I had to tell her was to turn up to God and pray hard such that he(God) opens out her womb for the baby to come and now God has answered our prayers” Kiganda narrated.

He (Kiganda) futher noted that her wife’s health could have deteriorated if she spent all her time on those taunting her.

Not forgetting that Bishop Kiganda and wife Cindy exchanged their wedding vows on Saturday 6th April, 2013 at The Life Changing Ministries in Harare, Zimbabwe and Pastor Langton Kanyati officiated the wedding. However Kiganda has got six (6) children from his first marriage.

"My appeal to married couples currently praying for the fruit of the womb is to remain focused on God who answers prayer." Said the pastor.

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