Mike Mutyaba Finally Wins, FUFA Pays All CHAN Players their Ka-Money, Cleared to Zero

Posted on Apr 15, 2021
By Ssekamatte Vicent
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Following a fortnight of clashes between Magogo the FUFA boss and former Uganda Cranes player Mike Mutyaba, beating him up, exposing FUFA dirty secrets and a number of players quitting from the team, FUFA has finally paid all CHAN Players their money to zero balance.

The scuffle was about the former not paying players'money, Mike Sulaiman Mutyaba has come again to indicate how FUFA has had some penny given to the players.

This he wrote on his Facebook account;

"Thank you Fufa Uganda the Chan team has recieved their money of 5.8m. Mwebale nyo. Have also been told that Fufa has paid cranes players the money they have been demanding for the South sudan game, Malawi and Burkina Faso.

So the question is has the goverment released money as claimed by Eng Moses Magogo and other fufa officials???

I spoke to Afande Nakalema yesterday and she assured me that Moses Magogo is finished as long as he doesnt pay 24m to each Uganda cranes player for the past two years and we also humbly request for the 4millions for under seventeen, 14.6m for under twenty and Acholi 38m. Abalala munabasasula mpola mpola."

After Mutyaba's complaints ago, Magogo the FUFA president indicated that the CHAN team played "shitty football" and on that note therefore didn't deserve getting money.

Since then, there has been heated emotions amongst Cranes players about the President's comments and currently three have retired from international engagements. They include Hassan Waswa, Dennis Onyango and Mike Azira.

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