VIDEO: Beenie Gunter's Former Manager Ibrah Kats Survives Being Beaten to Death by Angry Boda Boda Riders

Posted on Apr 13, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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On 27th June 2020, singer Beenie Gunter's longtime manager for over 6 years, Ibrah Kats came out and exposed all singer's dirty secrets following their bitter breakup, now Ibrah has survived being beaten up at Talent Africa offices when he ran out barefooted.

According to Eye witnesses, Ibrah Kats survived being lynched by a mob just a few meters away from the Talent Africa premises in Kololo on Monday.

Beenie Gunter and Ibrah Kats were so close that many people though they were brothers. For six years, they worked together under Guntalk City with Ibrah acting as Beenie’s manager.

They lived under the same roof and ate the same food. Ibrah was in charge of Beenie Gunter’s bookings and also set up his interviews and media tours.

Watch Video of Ibrah explaining why he split with Beenie Gunter:

In trying to resolve the differences between Beenie Gunter and his former manager Ibrah Kats, the latter was invited to a meeting with Talent Africa management at their offices in Kololo for a meeting, several issues were discussed and it was discovered that Ibrah still had control over Beenie Gunter’s social media accounts and also took control of his TuneCore account.

Reportedly, Ibrah had withdrawn up to about USD900 (approximately UGX3.3m) from Beenie Gunter’s TuneCore account and Talent Africa had gathered all information and proof that it was Ibra behind it so they wanted him to return it and also hand over the account logins.

When Ibrah was asked to handover control and the passwords to Beenie Gunter’s accounts to which he seemed reluctant and when they threatened to sue Ibrah if he failed to produce the money he had stolen from their singer’s accounts because messages showing proof that he had withdrawn money from his bank accounts was available.

Upon noticing that he had been cornered and was about to even face jail time, Ibrah escaped from the Talent Africa offices; running down the staircases, barefooted. He was, however, cornered by bodaboda riders before he could go far away. According to onlookers, Ibrah survived being lynched by the bodaboda riders who thought he was a thief who had stolen from the nearby offices but he was saved by Aly Allibhai’s team and handed over to police.

Watch the Video Below: (Mbu.ug Courtesy)

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