Pastor Bugingo Attacks Pastor Robert Kayanja Exposing How he is Fighting to Bring him Down

Posted on Apr 06, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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House of Prayer Ministries International Church lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has once again brought his family wars to the pulpit after coming out accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of tearing up his family.

During the Easter service at Cannan land last Monday 5th, Bujingo showed concern with the way Pastor Robert kayanja teamed up with his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo and the entire family to block his petition of getting divorce.

Having fallen out with the mother of his children, Bugingo petitioned Entebbe magistrate's court with a list of several reasons asking court to officially dissolve his 29 year old marriage with Teddy.

Now as his court petition was almost reaching a conclusion, the preacher has cried out how the CEO of Miracle Center Cathedral, Pastor Robert Kayanja and wife Jessica Kayanja have now connived with his wife Teddy to block his victory.

From constructing a beautiful Church for her where she is currently shepherding her flock, Bugingo is not happy with his long term nemesis (Pastor Robert Kayanja) who has even reached to the extent of hiring the best lawyers in town to block his divorce with Teddy even without consulting him.

"I saw Pastor Robert Kayanja with Teddy at Miracle Center. Even today, with Jessica Kayanja, they are still moving around with Teddy and my children to block my divorce petition in the courts of law. They constructed a church for Teddy and have even hired strong advocates for her. Kayanja has never called me, penned me a letter nor sent me a messenger but he is conniving with Teddy to speed up our reconciliation. We went to court last week and I found out that Kayanja had hired his father-in-law's law firm 'Ssempebwa and Company Advocates to cause headache to me yet the court case was almost reaching the climax. He has never called me, penned me a letter nor sent me a messenger yet I'm not far from him. I'm being accused of neglecting my family and failure to provide for it yet I'm even looking after people who aren't my biological blood. We have never been family friends with the Kayanjas but I'm now surprised that my enemies have joined forces to tear up my family. How did my enemies penetrate my family?"- Pastor Bugingo partly cried out.

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