"No One Believed in Me But Now I Am One Of the Biggest Musicians in the Country"- Crysto Panda Brags

Posted on Apr 01, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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NTV presenter Crysto Panda real names Herbert Kityamuweesi has related his rapid rise to stardom to hard work, sacrifice and determination. Laughing at all his enemies and bragging how he is one of the biggest musicians in Uganda.

The fast rising singer cum emcee is proud of his recent hard work and sacrifices that have enabled him to eat on the table of mention winning over partiers hearts in addition to scooping several juicy corporate deals and endorsements.

The "Bino" singer must credit the outbreak of the Covid-19 lockdown for the rapid rise of his music career since he would probably have gone down in history as one of those people that took a shot at music and did not get too far.

But as fate would have it, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for the 'Nkwepikira' singer, who managed even to drop an Extended Play (EP) to his name.

Apart from releasing a couple of songs such as “Kyolina Omanya”, “Kampala Takoma” and “Bintwala”, which all got some good airplay, Panda dropped a five-track EP, early this year titled “Ayiii”, a signature sound in most of his songs that consisted of songs “Nkwepikira”, “Tuli Mu Struggle”, “Ndaba Bulabi”, “Ki Uganda Kinyuma” and “Emikolo Gituwuuba” ft slash.

While opening about his success through his socials, Crysto Panda has related his rise to stardom to hard work, determination and sacrifice despite the negative energy from his close friends as he would be no where near fame.

"I remember in the beginning of last year many people trashed my music and many discouraged me including some people I call my friends but I never gave up, used my savings and salaries, injected it in my music I prayed, believed and hustled I'm reaping big and huge brands are down for my signature,"- Crysto Panda said partly through his socials.

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