Erias Lukwago promises to manage a council full of NUP Councillors

Posted on Jan 22, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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After Local leaders and Mayoral elections that took place on 20 th January 2021, The then FDC flag bearer in that race managed to come as the winner with 194592 votes,Naggayi Nabillah the next competitor to him with 60082 votes and Jose Chameleon from Mayanja family becoming the 4th with 12212 votes and Elias Lukwago was announced at Kololo Ceremonial grounds

Non the less LC5 Councillors from the 5 divisions of Kampala were also elected but the majority seats being taken up with NUP councillors.

Out of 48 LC5 Councillors, 3 are from the FDC, 45 are NUP candidates, from this perspection political analysts and different politicians started lamenting as Lukwago is going to face headache and problem in the coming council.

Although this exists,Lukwago isn't worried about the incoming council saying that he is also a member of the opposition and these councillors are also from the opposition too.

"I have worked with different councils full of many councillors from all parties including NRM,FDC and by then I wasn't an FDC Candidate but now the concil is full of opposition councillors it will be easier to manager" Lukwago said.

Lukwago also said that the council that was full of NRM councillors gave him once some headache because it also did some impeachment but this one full of NUP Councillors will be easier to manage..

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