"Those Hooligans funded by Gay will loose appetite of harrasing Ugandans"- Museveni promises

Posted on Nov 20, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM presidential candidate has warned those who have been attacking people in some urban centres and in Kampala that they will soon lose appetite for violence.

"We are campaigning indirectly where we don't hold rallies for the sake of not infecting more people. We have already lost two Members of Parliament, scientists, etc. It is criminal for anybody to ignore this. We are not going to tolerate this. Everybody must respect the rules of the Ministry of Health. Our people should be kept safe. Those who have been attacking people in Kampala will soon lose appetite for violence. You have entered an area that we know very well. Whoever did that will regret," he said.

Referring to pockets of violence that erupted yesterday, President Museveni said whoever is responsible for the violence in Kampala and other urban areas will be held accountable for the crimes committed.

"They should not divert us. The virus is here and now there is the hope of a vaccine. We are also working hard towards finding a cure. They want to create violence so that elections are not held. Elections will be held and they will lose badly," he said.

Museveni was today addressing leaders from the four districts of Northern Karamoja that include; Abim, Kotido, Karenga, and Kaabong.

The meeting was attended by NRM flag bearers at Parliament, LCV, the incumbents, those who lost in the primaries, NRM executives at the district and municipal level, NRM league chairpersons at the district and municipal level, youth, women, the elderly, and PWD council chairpersons at district level and NRM sub-county chairpersons.

The President said some of those groups making trouble in urban areas are supported by outsiders including homosexual groups that don't like the stability and independence of Uganda.

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