City Tycoon David Katumwa Accused of Chewing His Neighbors S.3 Daughter

Posted on Oct 19, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Recently arrested for defiling a P.7 Vacist, city businessman David Katumwa of Katumwa Sports Center is now being accused of constantle chewing his 16 year old Neighbor's daughter who happens to be in Senior 3.

The underage girl who is in Senior three, is a daughter to Katumwa’s neighbour in Makindye, Kizungu zone.

The allegation against the Nansana Municipality MP hopeful has been put across by journalist Sadab Kitatta who says that the girl’s father is his friend.

” When schools closed in March due to Covid-19, the businessman who wants to be Nansana Municipality MP started enticing my friend’s daughter. His house at Makindye, Kizungu zone, is not far from my friend’s house which made it easy for him to establish contact with my friend’s 16-year-old daughter,” Kitatta said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“He would time when her parents are away to bring her pizzas, sometimes the KFC buckets. In the initial stages, he would send teenage boys to deliver his messages, and usually, it is these that landed in the traps of the girl’s parents.  Late in August, he bought her a smartphone to ease their communication. This was an expensive phone that the jobless boys of Makindye could not buy. The mother confiscated the phone and a day later, the girl disappeared from home. We had thought that she had gone to one of the relatives but after 2 weeks without hearing from her, search started.”

Kitatta further added that when the girl disappeared, a case was reported to Kizungu Police Post and that’s when the missing girl’s peers told her mother to check at Katumwa’s house.

A neighbour advised the mother not to go without the police. So, she went back to the police post unknowing that the cops are in the pockets of Katumwa Sports Centre proprietor.

“You should have told us that it’s about Katumwa, none of the officers at that police post can handle him, they are his people. The best they can do is to tell him to take the girl to another location,” one of the LC members told the mother.

Indeed, the neighbours saw the girl driving out with him in a car. This was so unsettling to the mother. The father telephoned Katumwa and his response: “I found the girl at home and she told me that she feared coming back to your house.”

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