"Bobi Wine is jelousy of Chameleone, he doesn't want others to win"- Bebe Cool claims

Posted on Oct 10, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Bebe Cool has come out and given his reasons why he thinks Bobi Wine refused to give Jose Chameleone the NUP Party card to run for Kampala Lord Mayor, he claims that Bobi hates seeing his friends succeed yet he is going to fail.

According to Bebe Cool, denying Jose Chameleone the NUP flag bearers card didn’t come as a surprise reasoning that it was common knowledge that Bobi Wine wouldn’t.

The Wakayima singer explained it happened as so stating that Bobi Wine knows it clearly that deep down in his heart, he will never step in statehouse as the President.

"I heard about Jose Chameleone’s issue of being denied the NUP flag bearers card to contest for the Kampala Lord Mayoral race and he was also aware of it. The reason behind that is simple and logical because Bobi Wine clearly knows it that deep down in his heart he will never step in Statehouse and if Chameleone is by chance voted in the office that will leave Bobi Wine without an office.

So all that stuff is about showbiz and not leadership ideologies and all those so said credentials. Just imagine when Chameleone is the Lord Mayor and when Bobi Wine is not either an MP or the President, can he really speak where Chameleone is?"- Bebe Cool

Watch the Interview below:

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