"It was a Stunt, Geosteady and Prima Didn't Break Up"- A Close Friend Exposes

Posted on Sep 16, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A close friend to singer Geosteady and his wife Prima Kardash has come out and revealed how these two planned a failed stunt to convince their fans that they had broken up.

Accoridng to Reports on our desk, a close friend and confidant to Prima has revealed how Prima intimated to her how the whole story about their breakup is a hoax, and utterly nosensical. It is, she said merely a stunt Geosteady is using to promote his 'George The Great' album that will soon be launched

It ought to be noted that Geosteady and Prima have been together for way too long to break up over shoddy and trivial iss

 A week ago, musician Geosteady,'s wife Prima Kadarshi took to social media and complained about the rising violence of her husband, who chased her away from home and reportedly attacked her house, destroying property.

Watch the Video Below:

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