"I'll spit and urinate in your food if you invite me to your stupid wedding"- Full Figure warns Rema Namakula

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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As the country is still waiting for singer Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Jennifer Full Figure has sent out a serious warning to them.

Publicly announcing how she is "Team Eddy Kenzo", the "Mukyakale" hit singer Jennifer Full Figure, has made it clear that she is not happy for Rema having dumped Eddy Kenzo, she believes Rema is just doing all this to hurt Eddy Kenzo for failing to officially marry her.

"We have seen people do all that stuff but it doesnt make any difference you just want to hurt Kenzo, Am team Kenzo btw, if you moved on, stop hurting the poor boy." she said.

During this interview, Full Figure also added; "If you dare invite me to your wedding and introduction, i promise to spit or urinate in your food, if not ill destroy the music and kill the function"- she concluded.

Watch the Interview below:

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