Chosen Becky's Old Dirty Secrets Leak, How She Got Pregnant and Dropped Out of School in S.3

Posted on Aug 31, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Chosen Becky's biggest old secrets of how she got pregnant for her school photographer while in Senior Three in Masaka have leaked leaving the artiste in big trouble explaining why she was dumped by Victor Kamenyo.

Chosen Becky's First Child and Husband:

Our trusted sources have revealed how Chosen Becky is a mother to a 5 year-old boy whom she doe not want to let the public know about his existence.

While in her S.3 in Masaka, Chosen Becky fell in love with her school photographer by names of Jjagwe Ronald, and eventually, the two had a baby together.

Our moles have further stated that Chosen Becky hence dropped out of school after she had got pregnant. She then started mother duties to her newborn baby while residing with her boyfriend, Jjagwe Ronald. This is the period that Chosen Becky discovered that she has a talent in music. She casually started recording songs with help of her baby-daddy who provided her with little financial support for studio time.

Chosen Becky with first husband Jaggwe Ronald

While on a music tour in Masaka early last year together with Singer Victor kamenyo, Nick, the proprietor 'Nic Products', a cosmetics company, spotted and noted Chosen Becky's talent. After a few months, Nick brought Chosen Becky to Kampala and he started managing her musically under Nick Products as the record label. This made her leave her kid under the care of her boyfriend.

Towards the end of last year, Chosen Becky developed a misunderstanding with her management which eventually escalated into the two [Chosen Becky & her managemtnt] to part ways. The misunderstanding was a result of Chosen Becky traveling to Masaka without the consent of her management.

Information has it that she has gone to Masaka to check on her baby, whom she had left in hands of her boyfriend when she came to Kampala to further her musical talent. Though, on return, she lied to her management that she had gone to check on her mum who was sick at that time.

Watch the Video below for full shocking details:

We have managed to contact Jjagwe Ronald, the alleged father of Chosen Becky's kid and he truly confirmed that he has a 4-year-old kid with singer Chosen Becky. However, when contacted to comment on the same, Chosen Becky trashed all allegations and she said that she is only 18 years so she has no kid in her life.

Check out more photos of the two below:

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