Patrick Salvador List All His Achievements He Has Acquired Over the Years

Posted on Aug 15, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvador has revealed and listed all his achievements he has acquired over the years ever since he embarked on his hustle as a young man from Ombokolo striving in Kampala.

Through his social media, Salvador has put up a post that has left many with shocked faces.

" Born and raised in a not so privileged family but his dad was a FATHER, never slept without a meal, never been chased from school coz of Fees ...,,,coz his father a retail shop owner and mother a market vender had a plan.

He has a dream to become an Engineer, achieves it and executes it so effortlessly......... is then hired by the biggest Telecom company in the country, works there for 5yrs with 2 Employee of the year awards, resigns (Not Fired) from the job coz of a new career path........ ventures in this uncertain path, contributes to what it is today.... travels the world, has record breaking shows, has Ugandan history making shows in this career,....... builds himself as a person, a father and husband ...... attracts the Presidents attention ........ Is called to meet him, does that effortlessly without the “BROWN ENVELOPE” ... speaks his mind, ignores all “We made you comments” bse with COVID Came his being unemployed...... but ..... somehow survives without the “We made you crew” .. is hired to take over a show that was hosted by arguably the finest radio presenter on the land ... creates a new wave on the radio.... gets paid an 8 figure Salary ... and yet;


LISTEN: What ever you are going through, no body will give a damn about your achievements, they will look out for your failures and Jubilate .. Use your wins as your motivation and your failures as lessons.. ignore the world otherwise you will CRUSH.

I say all these... believing that it’s “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY..... and my FAMILY 😁“ "- He posted.

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