Kalifah Aganaga and Prince Omar in a Bitter Song Theft Scandal

Posted on Aug 08, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Prince Omar went to Kalifah Aganaga and bought a song called "Bajikweka" only for the song to be claimed by a producer known as Kirya beats just a few weeks after its release.

Accoridng to Blizz Uganda sources, singer Prince Omar is in disarray after being accused of stealing a song.

While appearing on television, Omar said that an unidentified person reached out via social media claiming that the Bajikweka song had his content and wants to be to be paid $300 for using his best without his consent.

“I have no issue with your video and lyrics but my concern is on the beats. That is my original beat. Why would you use my beats without my consent?” Kirya Beats asked.

Omar who is scared and feels threatened defended himself saying that is a complaint to the producer because artistes do not own beats. “I am not the producer. That’s why we artistes hashtag songs with the producers’ names. Mba nkulaga source.” He said.

However , Khalifa Aganaga who is the producer of the song came out to defend Omar saying the song is authentic. He said he is ready to fight this war and will not stop until it is over.

He dismissed the claims and said that they are goons who want to extort money from Prince Omar since he is just young and new in the industry.

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