Did Dr. Hamza Ssebunya really buy a 550Million Benz for Rema Namakula? Full Truth Here

Posted on Sep 14, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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For some few days now, word has been going around that the owner of Akron Diagnostics & Laboratory Supplies Limited, Dr. Sebunya Hamzah blessed his new lover, singer Rema Namakula with a brand new car but this is not true.


According to information Blizz Uganda snoops have collected, it is overwhelming that a rumor was sparked off of how He had bought her a brand new Mercedes Benz G63 worth 550Million yet it is not true.

The Red Cross Country Benz 2019 model was seen in a video that went viral on social media but after our snoops digging up deep, we have been confirmed with that the car was being exhibited by Mercedez Benz on their social media, YoutTube channel where reveallers got the video and started rotating it around saying it belongs to Rema Namakula.

We have attached the source of the video that went viral on social media speculating that the car belongs to Rema yet it doesn't.

The video was posted earlier this year in 26 Apr 2019 on Youtube by the car owner who was doing a review for whoever wants to buy it just like all reviews on social media about different gadgets and equipments.

Watch the video below for proof:


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