"Feffe Busi chewed my sumbie, gave me HIV/Aids and impregnanted me"- City slayer confesses

Posted on Jul 05, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A girl identified as Leilah has come out and revealed how singer Feffe Busi chewed her sumbie only for her to later on find out she was impregant and HIV positive following their romance in his Salaama-road apartment.

Leila went to her Facebook page and put up a post that left many shocked and wondering whether what she was talking about in the post was true.

She tagged feffe Busi and narrrated how he had picked her up a few months ago at H20 Bar in Kololo and took her to his apartment in Salaama road next to St. Ponsiano church and enjoyed her juices.

In the post she also went ahead to claim that she later on found out that she was pregnant for the singer and also HIV Positive after she had tested for Aids.

A screenshot of Leilah's post

A few hours after posting, this post was deleted from Leila's Facebook page and after a day, she went ahead to post that her account was hacked and that she had no idea about the post that was made earlier as seen in the above screenshot.

She wrote; "Hello guys am very sorry for what they posted in my account someone entered my account i don't know how but i even have no idea coz am soo confused am very sorry guys i didn't even see what they posted coz my phone was stolen n i can't post such things on my account am very sorry to those who were mentioned in the post am seriously have no idea on wat they posted am very sorry "

However, even after deleting the post and putting up that above post, people kept asking her why she was lying especially in the comment section as other stated that she was threatened so she deleted the post.

Our team tried to reach out to Feffe Busi for a comment about the story and whether he also really knows Leila but all in vain as we failed to reach out to his known phone numbers.

But all in all, we shall keep you posted in case of any development on this story.


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