Sarajoy Bakanansa Drags Don Zella to Police, Reports Her Of Child Neglect

Posted on May 22, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Sarajoy reports Don Zella to Police for child neglect.

USA based Ugandan socialite and business lady Nalongo Sheila Don Zella is likely to lose her children to the Child Protective Services, a child agency protecting children's rights after being reported to police by nemesis, Sarajoy Bakanansa for child neglect.

It all started a few days ago when Don Zella scoffed at Sarajoy Bakanansa for failing to provide to her boy-lover, Ashburg Katto thereby being lured by the ruling NRM government from the People Power opposition Movement.

Feeling too insulted and undermined, as a staunch People Power supporter, Sarajoy allegedly ended up revenging against Sheila by opening up a Child Abuse case in Massachusetts something that has somehow not worried Don Zella given the fact that she resides in California with her children.

During a Facebook live, the proud mother has revealed how there isn't anyway that she will be moved by Sarajoy's trick games and foolery since she wasn't the only person who shared about her ex-boyfriend's trek to NRM.

As we await for the latest development on whether Don Zella will lose her children to the Social Services, the motor mouthed socialite is confident of keeping her family with her since its not the first time that she is fighting such battles thereby vowing to tussle it out with Bakanansa till the end.

"Sitya biduduma bus ninya etokota tulibalabira kubikolwa akwagaliza entana omwagalizanga ntana alisa munne ekitala alifa kitala," ranted Nalongo Don Zella through her socials.

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