Bryan White Opens Up About Torturing Stella, She Reveals Who Paid Her (VIDEO)

Posted on May 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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After the leaking of a video clip through which she confessed how Bryan White kidnapped, Tortured and raped her countless times, now Stella Nandawula has come out to reveal who paid her as Bryan White spits fire.

Nandawula alleged that she is not the only victim of Bryan White’s s3xual assault and that there are several other girls who have suffered the same ordeal although they are suffering in silence because he keeps threatening them.

She shocked the nation when she appeared on Bryan White’s (the alleged ‘kidnapper’) Facebook live broadcast and asked White’s fans to forgive her because she did recorded the video under duress! Nandawula claimed that the leaked clip was recorded like five months ago when she was held incommunicado by some ‘mafias’ and put her under duress to wrongfully pin her boss of the said crimes.

Stella Nandawula

Stella also claims that they promised her a good life after executing the ‘mission’, to which she later jumped out of.

“Bryan white’s fans, i ask you please to forgive me and understand that my life was in danger, I had to do that to safe my life first, I was under duress, and I came and explained to my boss and he understood me, that’s why even now I’m still her with him,” she said.

Although she refused to reveal the names and promised to come back in another livecast and lay bare the names, her boss Bryan White repeatedly accused and pinned renowned city [Bivulu] promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi and East Uganda NRM Vice Chairman Capt.Mike Mukula of being at the forefront of his woes.

Watch the Video Confession Below:


Stella Nandawula Confesses How Bryan White Kidnaped and Raped Her Countless Times (VIDEO)

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