SHOCKING: How NTV Top Officials Paid Robin Kisti to Abuse Sheila Gashumba, All Top Secrets Leak

Posted on May 13, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A Top Secret file has leaked exposing how two of top directors of NTV Uganda are allegedly paying millions to Robin Kisti to launch a battle on Sheila Gashumba to silence her accusations.

According to information Blizz Uganda received, the two former NTV employees who are at loggerheads are not yet to stop as Robin is allegedly being paid by her former bosses.

Sources have claimed that two of the top managers at the Serena based station are fuelling the former London girl, Robin Kisti to rubbish Sheila's accusations.

Robin Kisti and Sheila Gashumba

"Robin Kisti has accused Sheila of drug addiction and that is intended to kill her self esteem and that way withdrawing her claws for the under payment argument, The real argument here is under payment and not how Sheila was being rewarded for her services at her TV job or how she behaved out of the station duties"- a source revealed to us.

Our sources further allege that the production manager of NTV Jackie Ssenyondo and The producer of NTV the beat, Anne are behind Robin Kisti to talk and spoil the young talented presenter’s career because of "The truth."

"When sheilah resigned, the two managers tried to make it look like sheilah had been fired which wasn’t the case and now they are back at it, using Robin who everyone thinks should be in rehab to try fight for them by tarnishing Sheilah Gashumba’s name because her tweet went viral and there intention is to break Sheila" a source continued to alert Blizz Uganda.

Sheila Gashumba

It is reported that Sheilah Gashumba wasn’t fired at NTV but rather resigned after getting fed up of the exploitation. The two above said, however, reportedly made it look like she had been fired and now they’re using Kisti to run their race.

Also watch the video below:


"NTV is so stingy, they never sponsored any of my trips abroad"- Sheila Gashumba reveals

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