"Winnie Nwagi bewitched my man and stole him from me"- Chozen Blood's alleged Girlfriend

Posted on May 13, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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A mysterious cougar residing within Kampala city has come out with a formal complaint accusing Swangz Avenue's songstress, Winnie Nwagi of foul play by stealing her love, singer Chosen Blood out of her reach.

It must be remembered that this all started from the visuals of their 'Yitayo' music collabo as their chemistry seemed too natural which sparked off dating rumors and despite the fact that Nwagi refuted the allegations citing that she is single and not seeing Chosen Blood, it seems she was beating around the bush as the pair is destined to break many hearts with its concealed romance.

According a leaked voice note, the city cougar who's dealing in real estates business revealed how she has been bonding with the "Byakyalo" singer not until Winnie Nwagi came from no where and broke up their ties like no more.

She has warned Chosen Blood how she is ready to ruin his career by releasing their s@t tape with the Nwagi if he doesn't revise his notes wisely.

"Why is he after Winnie Nwagi, did she bewitch him? But I' m frank, Chosen Blood won't get a caring and loving fiancee like me. I've done everything for Chosen, buli kimu. Everything he wanted and our relationship was well until that woman came into our life. He doesn't know that I can end his career by dropping the s@x tapes of him and Nwagi,' said Chosen Blood's cougar.

Check out the voicenotes below;

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