Stella Nyanzi finalizing her Multi-Million House

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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There is the other side of Professor Stella Nyanzi that you are yet to know- Stella Nyanzi the Investor.

The open minded lady, who feels free to share whatever comes to her mind even when others may not like what she is about to share is now completing the multi-million house at her home in Masaka.

Just like the house of her cousin Bebe Cool, her house had also taken years to be completed but now the photos we have got indicate that the house is being completed, currently at roofing stage and she is about to enter in it.

According to her, the house has taken up to 15 years to be completed and it was her mum’s dream to see that house being completed though she died before her dream was fulfilled.

Nyanzi said that this week, she expects to finish the carpentry works on the roof, plus ceiling and faceboards of the house.

Nalongo Stella Nyanzi attributed this achievement to the blessing in disguise that she got when she was chased from her job at Makerere University, which forced to look for a new job that she got in Republic of South Africa where she earns lots of Rands (South African Money) that has enabled her to complete the house.

“Being suspended from my desk-job as an unappreciated academic employee of the struggling university has been pure sweetness. I am now using my creativity to build mansions. I am now employing whole legions of architects, engineers, masons, builders, porters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, latrine diggers, welders, painters, tile fixers, landscapers and gardeners. Rather than painfully waiting for peanuts of a meager salary, I am paying my laborers their wages on time.” Said the Research Fellow at Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Studies.

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