All You Need to Know About South Sudanese Tycoon Lual Malong Yor Junior

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
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Bragging to be Africa’s youngest billionaire, the 30 year old, Lual Malong Yor Junior, brags about living a very expensive lifestyle, including flying in a presidential jet and wearing a 10,000-dollar pair of shoes according to a video of him that went viral hence leading to ths investigation we conducted about this South Sudan tycoon.

From Where does Lual Malong Yor Junior get his money?

It is alleged that Lual Malong is the stepson of General Paul Malong, one of the few powerful people who allegedly gained massive wealth from South Sudan’s civil war and stashed them in foreign banks.

General Malong, in 2017, was sacked by South Sudan President Salva Kiir and has since denied being behind the atrocities in the country which displaced over two million people within two years from 2013.

General Malong

General Malong

Malong has also distanced himself from the “young tycoon” saying that he is not his stepson and has even threatened to sue anyone claiming he is.

“That’s Lual and that’s his money. He’s not called Lual only. He’s called Lawrence Lual. I didn’t say he’s my son, the areas are even different. His grandfather – Malong Yor – is a chief. Everybody knows. Kenyans who have gone to that area know them”, Malong defended.

Meanwhile, Lual Yor has also denied claims of being the stepchild of Malong, stressing that he did not benefit from the alleged proceeds Malong gained from the civil war.

Lual Malong Yor Junior Lawrence

Lual Malong Yor Junior Lawrence

“I am Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr, which means my father is Lual Malong Yor Snr. General Malong is not my father… we are not related,” he said during a recent interview with Citizen TV Kenya.

Lual Malong Yor also claimed that he was wearing designer shoes worth $10,000 and a Rolex watch worth $100,000, he also went ahead and said that he was staying at the Presidential Suite of a top Nairobi hotel where he is paying $2,500 per night.

Lual Malong Yor Junior

Lual Malong Yor Junior

When asked of his source of wealth, Lual Malong Yor Junior, simply said he had been blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“My Lord Jesus Christ blessed me; I fly on private jets… I live in Presidential suites… I am blessed,” the young man who aspires to be world famous said.

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