VIDEO: Top Islamic Leader Hajj Wamala Badru beats up wife to near death for talking to their Gay Kids

Posted on Apr 10, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Top Uganda Islamic leader, Hajji Wamala Badru Mukwaya has brutally beaten up his wife, Hajjat Wamala Amiinah for allegedly speaking to their Gay kids whom he chased away from home and promised to never speak to them again.

Reports coming through to Blizz Uganda state that this whole battle started when Hajj Wamala discovered that his wife was still talkingto the children he disowned over gay.

Sources close to the couple has revealed that Hajji Wamala Badru fell out with his daughter Nabukenya Halima Wamala and son Rashid Wamala who have since flew to Canada to seek asylum and they now live in Toronto.

Hajj Wamala Badru (File Photo)

He directed all his family members to cut off communication with the two children but he was shocked to find their mother on phone with one of them yesterday.

Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya is said to have been beaten up for failing to adhere to his order to cut communication with his son and daughter that he disowned in October. Aminah mukwaya was then rushed to Kisakye clinic in Nabweru where she was given first aid.

Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya in hospital

Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya is said to have been discharged and is at a friend’s or family member’s place as she seeks forgiveness from her husband.

It has also been reported that she has dragged him to police and filed for a case for beating her up and landing her in hospital.

Watch the full video below for more:

We shall keep you posted about developments on this story:

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