Lango And Kisumu Residents Bang Saucepans And Jerrycans To Scare Away Coronavirus

Posted on Apr 06, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A section of residents from Uganda and Kenya villages have resorted to dancing, drumming and banging jerrycans and saucepans to scare away the coronavirus pandemic.

Towards the end of the week that ended on Saturday, April 4, the residents attempted to exorcise the disease, which they believe has been brought to the region by evil spirits, by beating saucepans and jerrycans.

In Kenya, dwellers of Obunga in Kisumu were among those who chased away the evil spirits between 8pm and 10pm of Friday, April 3, and they were unbowed by the dusk to dawn curfew being enforced by mean-faced police officers.

Dwellers of Obunga in Kisumu were among those who rebuked coronavirus pandemic.

The annual cultural event, which normally happens between May and September, came early this year as a result of the disease which has since claimed over 65,000 lives globally.

Members of the Luo community describe it as chasing of 'nyawawa' (invisible evil spirits that roam at night) which if not scattered, cause diseases to the community.

The evening activity attracts mostly women and children who pour in the streets shouting and clanking metals.


"God told me about coronavirus in 2019, I was scared you wouldn't believe me, "- Elvis Mbonye shockingly reveals

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