Irene Ntale no longer virgin-see who took her virginity

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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The self-proclaimed Virgin girl of Uganda Irene Ntale has finally told the world that she is no longer single and that she is now in love with someone.

Much as many Ugandans couldn’t agree to her virgile claims, they were never sure if really someone had ever dated her since she has never been involved in any sex scandal.

The singer was sometime back linked to dating Daxx Kartel something which the innocent virgin girl denied.
Of recent, their have been a huge war between Allan Tonix and Ray Signature over the virgin as they fought each other fighting for Irene Ntale, though again the innocent  girl denied that she is not dating either and that she will tell the world when the Mr Right comes her way.

Thats exactly what she did yesterday, she said that she is no longer single. After fans asking her too often as who she could be dating she kept quiet but our research have landed on that man, and the guy who took away the goat of that innocent lady is non other than Ray Signature.

One fan jokingly said that her Virginity was lost way back and that even Daxx Kartel couldn’t locate it.

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