Shocking Facts You didn’t Know about Sipapa Entertainment Boss

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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A few weeks ago, a huge battle broke up between two best friends and those are non other than the Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone and Sipapa Entertainment boss together with his wife Serena Bata but now the whole story has taken up a shocking new twist after more details erupting up about Sipapa.

According to our sources, last year in December Sipapa together with his nigh bulging gang tried to break into Tycoon Jamal’s home in upper Kololo where the deal got them into problems after landing on a heavily deployed security team that fired at them hence two of the thieves fleeing and leaving Sipapa behind.

It is said that Sipapa got beaten up so badly following the two bullets which were fired into his arm leaving him bleeding on the ground where the police picked him from as soon as the sun rose up. After all this, he was rushed to Mulago hospital where he received treatment from while handcuffed on the bed and as soon as he got better, he was taken into police custody to answer the causes of these wounds. Even though no one yet knows where the whole case disappeared from, at least Sipapa got free again as he was released.

This whole story was kept a secret from the public until Jose Chameleone came out a few days ago accusing Sipapa of being a thief hence forcing the silent witnessed to approach us with more shocking details together with the photos below.

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